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What is a Swegway

Swegways are electric powered self balancing boards that you stand on and control by making small movements with your feet.

No doubt you have heard the name swegway-in-london.jpgSwegway’ bandied about on social media, but you might not know much else about this latest transportation trend.

There can be a great deal of confusion among people with regards to this two-wheeled wonder, as it will be given a different name depending on who you talk to, as they are also referred to as hoverboards, self-balancing boards, mini-Segways, balance boards and of course Swegways.

Where Can You Ride a Swegway?

It is illegal to ride your swegway on the roads and pavements in the UK.

The best riding experience for a Swegway is a smooth flat surface and it is a good idea to practice indoors in an environment where you feel comfortable before riding your swegway outside.

Are Swegways Safe?

Swegways have been in the news quite a lot recently leading to some safety concerns. Most of the incidents reported are due to the devices being fitted with unsafe plugs and batteries (all our boards are), obviously swegway safety is an important topic to us so please read our full guide to Swegway Safety.

Why Are Swegways So Popular?

Swegways became so popular within the social media and on the street when celebrities like Justin Bieber and Jamie Foxx posted photos of themselves using them. 

Others love to grasp the world of technology and all it has to offer. As such, you often see technology enthusiasts and bloggers putting the latest technology through its paces, and the Swegway being as popular as it is, has been the inspiration for many YouTube videos and blog posts.

Lastly, they’re just fun. Taking away all the hype, you can’t deny how clever these motorised scooters are. Controlling a vehicle using body movement alone is something of a revolution, with many people becoming excited as to what else if possible using the technology of today. 

Swegways in the News

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