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Swegway Tricks


Here are some cool videos of tricks performed on Swegways. One of the coolest things about Swegways is the level of control you have over their movements, almost as if they are an extension of your body, which allows for some really awesome tricks. They are also very agile and you can turn a full 360 degrees on the spot.

However before you rush of out to try these tricks, note that it is illegal to ride Swegways in public areas in the UK, so we don't condone this!

Easy Swegway Tricks

A few easy swegway tricks that are easy for the beginner to learn.

Swegway Tricks & Fails

These kids have mastered the art of looking cool while performing tricks on their Swegways and have taken them to a skate park to show off.

8 Year Old Doing Swegway Tricks

Some mad swegway tricks from a kid who is just 8 years old!

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