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How Technology Will Change the Future [Infographic]


Technological advancements have always tested the boundaries of possibility. 

The further those boundaries spread, the more sophisticated – and frankly mind-blowing – this technology becomes. 

As we reach further into space for a better idea of our place in the universe, we are also scaling down technology into tiny devices that can be worn, implanted and even ingested. We are expanding into so many directions with energy production, healthcare and general computing that the not too distant future is beginning to resemble something not unlike a sci-fi movie. 

The below infographic from Futurism.com tracks some of the anticipated advancements in these areas across the next decades. Notions of repairing the ozone layer in 2049 and living in underwater cities in 2055 may seem incomprehensible right now, but they part of an extraordinary timeline of ideas. The positive focus on disease prevention, climate change and accessible systems is admirable, and we can only hope that many of these ideas come to life.


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